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Groscal – Best Supplement for Bone Health


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Groscal:Supplement for Bone Health

GROSCAL is a best supplement for bone health in india  that contains Calcium Carbonate which is a richest source of calcium. For calcium to be utilized well in the body, calcitriol (Vitamin D), Vitamin K2 (MK7), L-Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin are required. Vitamin K2 (MK7) has astounding benefits on bone metabolism and bone growth. Vitamin K2 (MK7) protects against osteoporosis and reduces the risk of bone fractures.

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Best Supplement for Bone Health

GROSCAL is a best supplement for bone health contains Calcium Carbonate which is the richest source of calcium and Vitamin K2 which is one of the most important nutrient for improving bone density. It also helps remove calcium from places where it should not be, such as in arteries and soft tissues. Thus it helps prevent coronary artery disease and heart failure.


Vitamin D is an important nutrient in the maintenance of bone health. The primary functions of vitamin D are the regulation of intestinal calcium absorption and the stimulation of bone resorption leading to the maintenance of serum calcium concentration (Reid et al 2003).

A critical additional component for bone and cardiovascular health is vitamin K2.
Vitamin K2 plays an essential role in bone metabolism and studies suggest that it can help prevent osteoporosis and fractures.
Recent research has revealed that, without vitamin K2, calcium regulation is disrupted. In fact, low levels of vitamin K2 are associated with an increased risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Astute doctors have long known that people with a lack of calcium in their bones are more likely to possess an excess of calcium in their arteries, and vice versa. The resulting lack of calcium in bone leads to osteoporosis, while the deposition of calcium in the arterial wall leads to coronary heart disease and other manifestations of cardiovascular, renal, and neurodegenerative disease. Vitamin K2 MK-7 activate the vitamin K-dependent proteins Osteocalcin and Matrix Gla Protein (MGP), which contribute to bone health and cardiovascular health, respectively.


Calcium carbonate supplements have the highest percentage of elemental calcium among the calcium salts. Calcium carbonate contains 40% elemental calcium compared to 21% found in calcium citrate, 13% found in calcium lactate, and 9% found in calcium gluconate (Weisman 2005).


Using data collected from the Framingham Offspring Osteoporosis Study, US researchers from Tufts University examined the association between BMD and B-12 levels in more than 2,500 men and women.
In their conclusions, the Tuft researchers wrote: B-12 deficiency may be an important modifiable risk factor for osteoporosis.
Meanwhile, in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, a team of Japanese scientists noted an interesting chain of associations:

  1. Stroke is linked to an increased risk of hip fracture
  2. Stroke and fractures in the elderly are both linked with high homocysteine levels
  3. The combination of B-12 and folate is known to lower homocysteine


Zinc is an essential trace element to the structure and function of metabolism. Zinc deficiency decreases bone weight and delays growth in bone metabolism. Zinc deficiency results in a retardation of bone growth, development, and maintenance of bone health. Zinc has a stimulatory effect on bone formation and mineralization in vivo and vitro.


Although decreased bone mineral density (BMD) is the primary feature of osteoporosis, other osteoporotic changes in the collagenous matrix and mineral components of bone may result in bones that are brittle and more susceptible to fracture. Magnesium comprises about 1% of bone mineral and is known to influence both bone matrix and bone mineral metabolism. As the magnesium content of bone mineral decreases, apatite crystals of bone become larger and more brittle. Some studies have found lower magnesium content and larger apatite crystals in bones of women with osteoporosis compared to women without the disease. Inadequate serum magnesium levels are known to result in low serum calcium levels, resistance to parathyroid hormone (PTH) action, and resistance to some of the effects of vitamin D (calcitriol), all of which can lead to increased bone loss.

Folate (B9) is water-soluble, and the body requires it for cell growth and reproduction. It is essential for general health. Because high levels of Homocysteine are implicated in chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, B vitamins involved in homocysteine conversion, such as B12, and folate (folic acid), may be beneficial in reducing the risk of osteoporosis. (Homocysteine is a non-protein α-amino acid. It is a homologue of the amino acid cysteine. Mildly elevated homocysteine levels might be related to age-related osteoporotic fractures. An increased homocysteine level appears to be a strong and independent risk factor for osteoporotic fractures in older men and women.)
The body must digest and process folic acid, synthetic B9, before it can be used by the body. In fact, the body goes through several steps in order to “break down” the folic acid and get the full benefit. This is a complex process which is shown, step-by-step, in the chart below. As a result of these steps, the body makes a version of the folate called L-methylfolate.

Benefits :

  • Osteoporosis
  • Hypocalcemia & Vitamin D deficiency
  • Hyperhomocysteinemia
  • For maintaining normal bone development & health


FSSAI No: 11512014000797
Refrain from taking herbal supplements without first checking with your doctor, especially if you are already on medication. Herbal supplements and other dietary supplements MAY combine with other drugs/foods.

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    Great Product. Working wonders for me!

    I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, for which I began taking Groscal. It has almost been a month that I have been taking it. After my recent visit to the doctor, I was told that my bone density has shown miraculous results.

    Groscal has been thoroughly helping me with my bone health. I highly recommend Groscal. It has become a friend for my lifetime.

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