NISWELL Whey Protein Powder for Kids


Protein Powder for Kids

NISWELL Whey Protein Powder for Kids is the ideal supplement for healthy growth and development of your child. It aids in both their cognitive and physical functions. Our whey protein for kids also contains Bacomind. It is a clinically-proven cognition enhancer. NISWELL also contains DHA. It assists Brahmi in developing children’s memory and learning ability. DHA also helps develop behavior patterns in children. It is also good for a healthy retina and heart.

DHA and essential amino acids cannot be produced naturally by your child. Whey contains all these amino acids. NISWELL helps build immunity, strength and stamina in kids. It helps bridge their nutritional gap.

Product Description

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Composition of NISWELL Whey Protein Powder Kids:

Whey Protein + Soy Protein + Bacomind + DHA + Vitamins + Minerals

Key Features of Protein Supplement for Kids:

  • Fulfills nutritional requirements in children
  • Easily digested and absorbed
  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Nurtures behavioral pattern in children
  • Supports healthy development of brain, muscles and bones
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NISWELL Whey Protein Powder for Kids contains the amalgamation of whey and soy protein. Both these proteins contain 9 essential amino acids. All of these 9 amino acids  are most important for growth and development. But none of them are produced by the body naturally. Diet is the only source of amino acids. But what happens to these essential requirements when your child fusses over eating?

Inadequate nutrition does not allow your child to get the full spectrum of amino acids. These substances are the building blocks of protein. Chains of amino acids make up one molecule of protein. These proteins are present in every cell of your body. They help in repair and formation of muscles. Proteins are also responsible for production of energy.

Every bit of energy that your kid uses, is provided by proteins. Deficiency of proteins is easily acquired through inadequate diet. NISWELL Kids is the best protein as it contains both whey and soy. They help supply energy to each and every cell in your kid’s body. It gives your child the strength and stamina to remain active throughout the day.

Not only does NISWELL give your child the energy to remain active in school and games. It also helps him / her excel in them. The presence of patented Brahmi and DHA sharpen children’s intellect and cognition. They are able to perform better in every sphere of life.

Buy sugar-free chocolate flavored protein shake for kids to give your child the best of health in the form of taste. Give them the nutrition that their diet fails. Enhance memory, thinking and concentration in children. Build their behavior patterns to make them excel in every field of life.


2 servings (approx. 20gm) in lukewarm milk.




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