Healthy Liver

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A healthy liver is vital as this particular organ is endowed with the responsibility of numerous biological functions.

It helps

1. Cleanse the blood off all its toxins
2. Supply your body adequate energy
3. Defend the body from viruses and infections
4. Regulate sex hormones
5. Maintain cholesterol levels
6. Optimize levels of vitamins and minerals
7. Convert stored sugar into functional sugar when glucose levels fall excessively
8. Break down hemoglobin, insulin and other hormones
9. Convert ammonia into urea
10. Destroy old red blood cells

Modern lifestyle is making the liver vulnerable everyday. If liver health fails, your overall health will suffer a setback. Therefore, a healthy liver is essential to keep it rejuvenated.

Our supplements for liver detoxification act as liver health supplements. They enrich its detoxifying effect and take care of its overall health. Read us more to know how!