Whey Protein Powder for Women

NISWELL WOMEN – Whey Protein Powder for Women


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Whey Protein Powder for Women

Niswell Women is a whey protein powder for women who wish to remain active, healthy and youthful. It is richly composed with Bacopa monnieri and Genistein.

Pregnant women, lactating mothers and postmenopausal women would benefit the most out of this protein powder. Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) enhances the cognitive and the neurological aspects of the human body. Genistein is an estrogen stimulator and hence, increases the immunity of women in particular.


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Niswell’s Whey Protein Powder for Women

These Whey Protein Powder for Women are fortified with other nutrients that are specifically designed for the nutritional needs of women. Uniqueness of these nutrients matches the uniqueness of a woman’s nutritional needs.


  • Provides optimum nutrition for women
  • Easily digestible and easily absorbed
  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Supports weight management
  • Supports healthy development of brain, muscles and bones

Best Protein Supplement

Niswell Whey Protein Powder for Women contains high quality protein. It is powered with both whey and soy. Both these proteins are thought to be the best of all available proteins. Both whey and soy contain all the 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce.

We use pure and refined forms of soy in Niswell. Soy isolate contains 90% soy. It digests at a moderate speed. This enables you to feel full up to a longer time. So, you refrain from overeating.

Soy helps in weight management this way. Whey also helps in managed body weight by building lean muscle mass. This makes Niswell Protein Powder an ideal support for weight management.

Soy also helps build bone mineral density. It also helps reduce menopausal symptoms in women.

Our protein supplement also contains the benefits of clinically-proven nutrients. We use Bacomind – the patent of Brahmi. This herb is a boon for cognitive health.

It improves memory and thinking power in women. Our protein powder also contains Genistein. It is a herb that is a strong phytoestrogen. Genistein increases estrogen levels in the body naturally. This is why Niswell Women is the best protein supplement for women.

It helps improve both cognitive and physical health in women. Other than whey, soy, Brahmi and Genistein, Niswell also contains DHA. This omega 3 fatty acid helps improve brain, retina and heart health.

Niswell Women Protein Powder is also free from cholesterol and sugar. It easily absorbs in the body and provides women optimum nutrition. Niswell provides a healthy diet for women. 

Dosage of Protein Shake:

2 servings (approx. 20gm) in lukewarm milk.





FSSAI No: 11512014000797
Refrain from taking herbal supplements without first checking with your doctor, especially if you are already on medication. Herbal supplements and other dietary supplements MAY combine with other drugs/foods.

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    I have been purchasing products from shop.neisswellness since quite sometime now and I must say I am amazed with its results.This time when I checked the website,I noticed that they have launched some new products out of which their protein powder for women caught my attention.I purchased their Niswell Protein powder for women and its been 2 weeks now and I noticed that I feel more energized now as compared to before.I also have this bad habit of forgetting things easily,but these days I feel it has even enhanced my cognitive function.

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    I had been suffering from joint pain since quite some time. After a month of taking Niswell Protein Powder Women, the pain in my joints seem to have got low. I also feel higher in my energy than before. My bet is that other NWIL nutraceuticals will prove equally useful for others suffering from health problems like me.

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      Thanks Mrs. Kotian. We wish you a very “healthful” life ahead!

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    Suiirrspng to think of something like that

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